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when something is cool or awesome etc..
Dude.. last night was totally Whitman...
by Charlie X December 12, 2006

A Fruit. Found at various places around the world in small numbers. Usually growing within or near thorny bushes. is ginger in colour at first but later changes to a yellow blondish shade.

Some say the Dringleberry is sentient and has a small amount of intelligence. evidence either way is yet to be produced.

Did you hear about the new Ben+Jerry's flavour.. Pineapple and Dringleberry.
by Charlie X December 07, 2006
A person who is addicted to going to the Font Bar..
Font Junkies usually need to have they're 'fix' weekly and can usually be seen a Friday night.. Altho they are sometimes seen on other evenings..
Font Junkies, can become paranoid, angered, sexually frustrated and even violent if they can not receive they're fix..
Alex is such a Font Junkie that all his money is gone; from buying Vodka-Cokes at the Font...
by Charlie X January 24, 2006
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