13 definitions by Charlie Tang

Male ejaculate; a load of cum, particularly the sperm contained therein.
At precisely the right moment, Jeff pulled out to avoid dropping his landing party off in hostile territory.
by Charlie Tang July 07, 2005
The act of stopping by someone's home to defecate for the sole purpose of fouling the air in said home, then leaving immediately. The smaller the home the better, as the staech is more difficult for the inhabitant(s) to escape.
I was really pissed at my friend for leaving the party last night with my date, so I stopped by his apartment today and took a drive-by.
by Charlie Tang July 06, 2005
A generic, yet strangely amusing term for a double-ended dildo.
Nothing brings two people together quite like The Gemini.
by Charlie Tang July 06, 2005
The act of masturbation, particularly masturbation so furious that the action of one's hand causes the genitals to begin making a flapping or clapping noise.
That fat loser became so aroused watching lesbian porn that he dropped his pants in front of everyone and started making his hand cluck.
by Charlie Tang July 06, 2005
A sarcastic term applied to any activity or event that is boring, irritating, or otherwise unpleasant.
I just found out I have to work this weekend. Fun O'Plenty for me!
by Charlie Tang July 06, 2005
1. Mass consumption of gas-causing foods in order to become more flatulent than another decidedly gassy individual within close proximity.

2. Threatening to consume gas-causing foods in order to become more flatulent.
1. After inhaling his roomate's farts for nearly an hour, Mike decided it was time to strike back. He rathcheted up the ass by devouring some jalepeno poppers and three large orders of Burger King onion rings.

2. Mike warned his roommate that if he didn't stop running into his room every five minutes and farting, he'd be forced to ratchet up the ass.
by Charlie Tang July 06, 2005

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