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131 definitions by Charlie

A rag commonly used to clean up after sex/masturbation. Broad term used to describe any material (such as face washer, tissue, curtains etc) used for cleaning up jism.
Dave uses his curtains as a gak towel
by Charlie October 19, 2004
Best and coolest place in the world. Located at Lake Chateaugay in New York State-1 hour drive from Montreal
Sally: Yo, here are you going this summer???
Bob: Im going to camp Chateaugay god dammit!
by Charlie February 23, 2004
When two females bump their breasts against each other's as a symbol of friendship, accomplishment, or joy.
When they both recieved A's on their exams, Kelly and Erika performed a High Two, much to the delight of their male classmates.
by Charlie September 26, 2004
A handjob. It feels good, almost as good as a stranger. It happens when your gf is not ready to give you a bj.
She gives the best free hj's.
She went from giving me an hj to a bj and it felt really good.
I wanted to fuck her boobs really hard, but then she said no, only hj's tonight.
by Charlie March 24, 2005
a curby, when some one gets their ass kick and told to put their mouth/ head on a curb while they have they head kicked into it. usualy by a skinhead.
"the skinheads found out he was a bonhead" dude< lets kick the sh*t outta him and curb 'em
by charlie December 02, 2004
A person or persons that generally, SUCK, idiots that think they're gonna make it in life by walking round threatening to stab people and 'beat people up', and they're generally as weak as shit!!
"hey look, some townie shit eating scum"
"townie shit eating scum tried to beat me up yesterday, but failed miserably as usual"
by Charlie February 20, 2004
a chav is a very stupid and anoying indiidual who refusess to socialize with any other human being unless they ware hats so up thier heads they could fall off,white donay socks pulled over their trousers and so much gell on thier head that it looks as if they hav used two pots of varnish on it to make it shine(witch makes them look even more stupid than they actuly are)
Chavs do not like anyone who is not like tham for example one day me and my mate where sityting under the ramp at the skate park when sudenly a chav came alone and asked us if we had a fag so we said no sorry dude but then out off the blue about 10 other chavs were surrounding us and then for no apparent reason what so ever one of them hit my mate so hard on the back that he fell to the floor and if thats not unsportmanly enough they started kicking him while he was down so just to sum it up a chav is someone with an encrdibly bad atatude problem and rubbish fashion sence.
by charlie December 09, 2003