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There are several kinds of walmart victims:
1.) A small town business that is devastated when walmart comes to town. When walmart comes to town, the small family-owned stores are often driven out of business.
2.) Workers that lose their jobs when walmart's pro-china policies force companies to move factories to China to keep costs down. The money grubbing scum now running walmart have a "low prices at any cost" policy that costs America 1000s of jobs every year.

Sam Walton (walmart founder) would be horrified by this pro-china bullshit! Walton used to brag about his pro-America business policies and the jobs they created! My how times have changed!
3.) People who manage to keep their jobs are often forced to accept lower wages with the threat of their company moving to China.
4.) Taxpayers everywhere that have to pay more in state taxes to cover the taxes walmart avoids (see walmart tax)
5.) CD, DVD and even books that are censored for sale at walmart (see walmartized)
Many American workers become walmart victims when their employers are pressured (threatened) by Walmart to move operations to China to "cut costs."

The huge buying power of the walmart empire has the power to ruin a business if it doesn't comply with their demands and their victims are powerless to fight it!
by Charles_U_Farley August 12, 2009
A person, corporation or government that benefits China in a financial or political way. Many American companies are Pro-China; they set up factories in China so the money grubbing scum can avoid paying their workers a decent wage. These anti-American bastards would rather send billions of American dollars to China than pay Americans a decent wage. The Pro-China people are destroying this country and dramatically increasing our trade deficit. All of the American money going to China has strengthened their military power and their economy and is weakening the power of the U.S.A. The Chinese government owns a major chunk of our public debt.
Most furniture, clothing and footwear is made in China by Pro-China manufacturers based in the U.S.A. This money grubbing scum is more concerned with profits than workers rights, the environment or the long-term consequences of China's growing economic and military power!

The anti-worker fuckwits running Wal-mart are at the forefront of the Pro-China movement--they'll do anything to drive down pay and "keep costs down."
Pro-business Republicans are also Pro-China. The greedy fuckwit corporate owned G.O.P. does all it can to help businesses move good jobs from America to China. The g.o.p. doesn't seem to realize (or care) that China owns more than 15% of our debt. As we continue to borrow from China and buy Chinese made stuff, China gets stronger and we get weaker!
by Charles_U_Farley July 17, 2009
The Party of NO! is a name the Republican Party earned as a result of voting NO on any proposal brought up in Washington by the Majority Democrats since January 2009.
The G.O.P. is so twisted by hate for President Barack Obama that they refuse to cooperate in anyway with Democrats. They continue to vote against Democrats' ideas while not presenting any good alternative ideas of their own.
The Party of NO! is made up of Obama Haters, obstructionist bastards, sore losers and other assorted fuckwits.
by Charles_U_Farley April 02, 2010
These are the the people who make the republican attack machine work. They work to promote and/or defend the agenda of the G.O.P. and to protest and/or defeat the agenda of democrats. These minions work through any available public forum--such as: letters-to-the editor in local newpapers, raising controversy and/or protests at town hall meetings, and on-line chat rooms. These republitards even submit definitions on Urban Dictionary to make racist remarks and spread out-right lies about President Barack Obama!

The republican party uses lies, deception and bullshit spreaders like Rush Limbaugh and faux news (a.k.a. fox news) in attemptes to keep Obama from fixing the Bush Economy or fixing our fucked up healthcare system!

By using the minions, the republicons try to create the illusion of a grass roots movement that opposes healthcare reform. However, an August 2009 CNN poll shows that 57% of the people know that the Republican attack machine is responsible for most of the backlash on healthcare reform, not REAL Americans!
The republican party minions keep spreading lies, rumors and obscene bullshit about Obama and healthcare reform.
To see the work of these minions, check out some of the sick Obama defs on Urban Dictionary! These sick republican bastards are trying to keep Obama from fixing the heinous mess George W Bush left behind!
by Charles_U_Farley August 12, 2009
Kind of like Satan worshippers, only more open and less into rituals. Seriously, there are members of the Republican Party that worship the second worst president ever! (after GW Bush) The republitards invoke his name in debates and even Bush43 said he wanted to be just like Reagan.

The Reagan Administration caused serious, long-term damage to this country--reagannomics, tripled debt, "star wars," union bashing, education cuts, pro-business/anti-worker policies and creating the Taliban to fight the Soviet Union in Afganistan! Yet Republicans still think he's great. WTF?!
The G.O.P. is full of Reagan worshippers, some of these sick fucks actually wanted to desecrate Mount Rushmore with a Reagan memorial! WTF?!! Now 20 years after the end of the Reagan era (but not the end of the negative impact), the Republitards in congress are talking about putting Reagan's picture on coins and/or paper money!
by Charles_U_Farley August 14, 2009
A strange phenomenon caused by eating corn. The poop that follows the eating, even a small amount, of corn. This poop mysteriously contains visable pieces of whole kernel corn. One of life's great mysteries.
We had corn-on-the-cob for the 4th of July, the next morning I saw kernels of corn in my shit!
"Wow! Cornpoop!"
by Charles_U_Farley July 10, 2009
An awesome, yet little know in U.S.A, 70s metal band. The band, from Cardiff, Whales; had a major impact on metal bands of the 80s and 90s. The sound is a combination of Rush and Black Sabbath. Burke Shelly (bass/vocals), Tony Bourge (guitar), and Ray Phillips (drums). Shelly's voice resembles Getty Lee and Bourge's hard driving guitar riffs resemble Black Sabbath.
Budgie is underrated but very influentual. Metallica is a big fan of Budgie, they even recorded their song "Breadfan."
by Charles_U_Farley July 15, 2009

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