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The Lost Decade refers to the 10 years following George W. Bush becoming president. The bad effects of the Bush Administration will be felt for a very long time. This includes the long term problems caused by the poor management of our environment, deregulation of industry and finance, the disastrous foreign policy, tax cuts for the rich, Patriot Act, erosion of our constitution, the massive deficits and the worst economy in 80 years!!!
Many school kids in 2010 will not know what prosperity was like or how America was strong and respected in the world before Bush 43 ruined our country. They are caught in the LOST DECADE, hopefully their kids can see America return to glory!
by Charles_U_Farley August 20, 2010
In 2010, Tony Hayward is the C.E.O. of BP. While presiding over the worst environmental disaster in American history, the bp oil spill, this money grubbing scum showed not only his incompetence but his total lack of conscience. The Deep Horizon oil rig blew up and killed 11 people working there and then the millions of gallons of oil set out to ruin the Gulf Coast and the lives of thousands of Americans!
Then after several weeks of "trying to find a solution," Hayward actually had the gall to say "I just want my life back!"
Tony Hayward will go down in history as the leader of the company that ruined the Gulf of Mexico and devastated the lives of thousands of Americans!
by Charles_U_Farley June 13, 2010
Bushnesia is a mental disorder that affects memory.

Many people developed this disorder late in 2008, early 2009 and it continues to spread. Most of the people with this affliction are Republicans and bush supporters. They complain about the huge national debt and the economic disaster that hit during the Bush Administration and they blame Preisdent Obama for the bad effects of Bush's heinous deeds.
The tea party was founded by people who were upset about out of control government and the huge national debt, however due to bushnesia, they're misdirecting their anger at Obama rather than the true source of the problem: George W. Bush and pro-rich Republicans!
by Charles_U_Farley October 01, 2010
Fiscal responsibility is a term republicans pull out for campaign ads every election cycle. The G.O.P. claims to be fiscally responsible while claiming their Democratic opponents are not.

Obviously, the Republican Party has no idea what being "fiscally responsible" actually means! A budget should include adequete revenue (i.e. taxes) to cover all the obligations. Republicans think the only way to balance a budget is to cut taxes. Democrats, like Bill Clinton, know that cutting expenses AND increasing revenue is the only way to balance a budget. Democrats' tax and spend idea is a lot more logical than the Republicans' borrow and spend policy!
Remember that about 75% of our national debt was caused by the last 3 Republican presidents! (Reagan, Bush41 and Bush43) The last two times the national budget was balanced a Democrat was president!! (Lyndon Johnson 1969 and Bill Clinton 2000)
The tea party claims to be concerned about fiscal responsibility, however they didn't seem concerned about it when George W Bush was cutting taxes and running up huge debts while trying to fight two insane and inappropriate wars!
by Charles_U_Farley October 12, 2010
Republican party minions, Bushnesiacs, racist rednecks and other fuckwits that for whatever reason attack President Barack Obama. After suffering for 8 long years under the worst president ever (George W Bush) Obama is busy trying to undo the damage caused by the bush administration. However some bushtard fuckwits like the status quo--high unemployment, high foreclosure rates, out of control healthcare costs and on going clusterfucks in the Middle East.

These sick fuck republitards would rather see the country go down in flames than admit Bush was wrong and help Obama fix the mess we're in!!!!!
Obama Bashers are in an all-out battle to prevent President Obama from fixing the clusterfucked disaster Bush left behind! Republican Party minions are disrupting townhall meetings, spreading lies and rumors and even submitting bullshit definitions on Urban Dictionary!
It's easy to pick out a UD def submitted by a republican party minion, there are several exactly alike and most are by "authors" that only have one entry.
by Charles_U_Farley August 14, 2009
This "league of American voters" is a pro-business political organization trying to appear as a "non-partisan" government watchdog. They claim to be in favor of "the people" and opposed to congressional malfescence. They support people that work towards their agenda. Their web site sounds all rosey but it's rather vague.

The true character is obviously similar to the tea party, their first big campaign is to preserve Bush's tax cuts for the rich!
Fred Thompson is using his name to fight to "save the Bush tax cuts." How can anyone take ol' Fred or the League of American Voters seriously when they want to continue one of Bush43's most fuckwitted ideas?!
by Charles_U_Farley August 04, 2010
Palin Patriots is another word for Tea Party Patriots. Basically these are the sheep that follow Sarah Palin and the radical anti-government group known as the Tea Party. Obviously these wingnuts do not understand the meaning of "patriot."

These people blame President Obama for the disaster caused by George W Bush and are upset by the drastic steps Obama has taken to repair our devastated economy.
They seem to be opposed to anything Democrats do and have no concept of rational thought!
The Palin Patriots complain about taxes and goverment spending during the Obama Adminstration, however they were silent while the Bush Administration was creating record deficits!
by Charles_U_Farley August 28, 2010

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