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A term coined for an ill-informed host with a penchant for replacing actual facts with rubbish opinions based on how she feels on the day.
Often seen on Wednesday nights 'Entertaining' people who are pretending that they know all of the answers to every question on every subject known to man-kind.
"This trivia quiz is wrong, and I hate you trivia lady"!

"Hey, let's go to the North Gong and play trivia, we can cheat and use our phones to google the answers, the Trivia lady is dumb as shit and won't even know we're doing it"!

"Trivia lady, why are you back here in the cleaners closet crying"?
by Channybangbang February 02, 2011
The perfect drink for friends who insist that they HATE latte's and can only drink flat whites.... Or was it that they HATE flat-white's and can only drink latte's? Either way, it's a cross between a flat white or a latte - which look and taste the fucking same anyway.

* The flatte is to coffee what spandex is to lycra... The same fucking thing, commonly utilised by Mamils.
"Thanks for my latte, I HATE flat-white's"!
"It's a flatte - jerk"...
by Channybangbang February 02, 2011

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