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sucking on a females piss hole
"So, you skanky bastard, did you milnob her, too?"
by chance tripper January 26, 2009
An undesirable character flaw.
Don't you think it was douchy that the chef took the day off for his birthday?
by Chance Tripper July 30, 2013
A restaurant server not informing their guest that a gratuity has already been posted to their check (as is policy in many establishments on tables of 6 or 8 or more guests), thereby the guest tips again not realizing it has been included, resulting in the waiter receiving, basically, a double gratuity.
Yeah, but that made his night. Ahhh, the double grat scam...
by chance tripper January 24, 2011
Excition of seeing rainbows.
"I was trying to special my table but like everyone else in the dining room they were stroking their rainbowners."
by Chance Tripper December 04, 2011
Exclamation uttered by a waiter when he recieves a large gratuity.
Chance opens the guestcheck presenter,scans for the tip, and, feeling it, blurts "BOOM goes the dynamite!"
by chance tripper May 07, 2009

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