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Bone-Fuck or Bone-fucking is how Champion J 'does werk!'
- Dude, why are you never down to chill anymore?
- Respect.
by Champ-tastic October 30, 2010
(derived from rhinoplasty) Rhinoplastsneeze, or nose job, is the act of inserting the nose into ones vagina, for her pleasure. Then sneezing equivilant to ejaculation.
- Me and kelly were going at it for hours last night, but then i rhinoplastsneezed before she was O-facing!
- awe bummer man.
- yeh.... totally killed the mood.
- totally.
by Champ-tastic October 30, 2010
(pronounced: Sniff-ill-us)A Sexually Transmitted Desease brought on after the act of a Rhinoplastsneeze similar to the age old syphilis but with some differences.
- hey padre tryn' chill tonight?
- No go Brobin, I straight rhinoplastsneezed last week and got sniphilis now....cant get outa bed
- homes thats whack!
by Champ-tastic December 06, 2010
fuckin' radder than RAD! caused by something you can completely get stoked on and amped up.
- Aeyo boss! get the tickets for that sick concert?
- fuck yeah chief! tots ganna be madd bang-style!
- you know thats right!
by Champ-tastic December 05, 2010
(a.k.a. tooth brush fucked)
the act of two tooth brushes interlock within a toothbrush holder, usually ending up in some sort of transmitted disease
Megs had a mean cold soar and crashed over last night and tots t.b. fucked me, so i trashed that piece
by Champ-tastic October 23, 2010
Boss Sauce a.k.a. Jiz, ejaculit, spermies, spunk, etc...
a term usually used after sperm expulsion at the end of a ruff down to business sex session where the female experiences multiple 'o-faces'
- what'd you do last night?
- straight bone-fucked the girl last night and spackled that ass with my boss sauce

- boundaries dude...boundaries.
by Champ-tastic December 06, 2010

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