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The best salesman in the world. There's just no denying it.
Person 1: "I thought Oxy-Clean was useless. But Billy Mays showed me the error of my ways"
Person 2: "I know! I must've bought a gallon of Mighty Putty, all thanks to Billy Mays!"
by ChallengerApproching July 27, 2009
The world's greatest number named after the world's greatest dessert.
"Pi is such a cool number, I bet that's why it sounds exactly like the food. That's some good food."
by Challengerapproching July 29, 2009
An actor who used to be funny but is now just plain annoying. I knew it was a mistake to make more than one "Shrek" film.
Then: Hahaha! This guy is hilarious!
Now: What a shit movie. I can't believe Mike Myers is in it.
by ChallengerApproching July 28, 2009

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