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1 definition by Chain_posts_are_FAKE

A fucking retarded post made by idiots on Facebook and MySpace that attempts to scare 9 year old kids into reposting some bogus, made-up, story about some tragedy and if they don't something bad will happen. These stories are 100% FAKE, as I have ignored them plenty and I am still alive and perfectly healthy. If these chain posts were real, I'd have died 5 years ago, and the world population would have seen a sharp decrease due to the amount of smart people ignoring these stupid posts every day. Seeing as the population has not been dropping as of late... it's fake. Case closed.
I don't even want to give an example of this shit. Chances, are, if you looked up this definition then you already know what a chain post is anyway.
by Chain_posts_are_FAKE October 20, 2012