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To "Knock back nattys" in reference to the beer brand. KBN applies to all Natural styes but especially Natty Light & Natty Ice
Bro with LAX penny: "Bro, KBN this weekend?"

Bro with Mid-Calfs: "KBN, all day-every day"

Bro with Ed Hardy: ...Ed Hardy isn't bro...
by ChafooAmerica December 07, 2010
A a term used to describe that is gay but is generally used/accepted by straight people. The gayness can stem from a design in a product, a feature in a thing or an aspect of the thing. When a straight person interacts with this thing it arouses a minor suspicion that they might be gay.

The product may not however involve anything to do with gay sex or other things that are blatantly gay.
Things that are San Francisco gay:
Apple Products, Organic Foods, Expensive Designer Clothes

Things that are NOT San Francisco gay:
Kissing Dudes, Will and Grace, Prius's
by ChafooAmerica July 29, 2010

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