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KBN: Knock Back Nattys

a definition said by bros after a long day of lax. they go to a bros house and once the time is right they pop out a box of natty ice and play beer pong.
ryan: "bro, is it time to kbn?"
tony: "its always time bro!"
by broismygame December 07, 2010
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it is a short form for kinky by nature.
my girlfriend is obsessed with sex she is kbn!
by meeyki3 January 19, 2008
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To "Knock back nattys" in reference to the beer brand. KBN applies to all Natural styes but especially Natty Light & Natty Ice
Bro with LAX penny: "Bro, KBN this weekend?"

Bro with Mid-Calfs: "KBN, all day-every day"

Bro with Ed Hardy: ...Ed Hardy isn't bro...
by ChafooAmerica December 07, 2010
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