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A meal consisting of a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal, but rather than with milk, with Captain Morgan Rum.
When Darren tried a bowl of The Captain's Challenge for the first time, he nearly lost his lunch. After a few shots of vodka, however, he ate the meal with gusto.
by Cgrave August 07, 2006
A racial slur for negros. It implies that, if a black person were to be a ninja, they would not need to wear black clothes because their skin is already black.
Damn, that skin ninja totally murdered our homey and we didn't even notice!
by Cgrave August 07, 2006
To masturbate; applies to males or females.
Katie is always afraid her mom will walk in when she is going to jerk the turk.
by Cgrave August 07, 2006
An onomatopoeia with several uses:

1. In celebration of a well formulated dis, specifically at the peak of misery for the person being dissed
2. When going around a corner at high speed
3. In celeberation of anything great

Note: The number of I's, R's, and T's used can vary from one to infinite.
1. "Your mom's a whore!"
"Ouch dude, you've hurt my feelings."

2. Garrett took the corner at 50 miles per hour, slingshotting his friends against the side of the car. "Skiiirrrttt!"

3. "Dude, we got tickets to see The Decemberists!"
by Cgrave August 07, 2006

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