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Theasaurus was not a true dinosaur. It lived long after most dinosaurs and fed on the spare time of the verbose. But mostly, it had trouble spelling and pronouncing the word "thesaurus".
A Theasaurus can still help you find a synonym for "dapper" if you ask it nicely.
by Ceylon March 04, 2010
A clean version of "DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS".

Safe to use on oneself and others without offense, but all your interbutt friends will still get the joke.
But then again, some people just like shocking you with their culinary experience with stockings.
Sara 11:41 - SHIT, I think my account got deleted. Help?

Sara 12:17 - DISREGARD THAT, I COOK SOCKS. It was there the whole time.
by Ceylon August 21, 2009
The act of hiding a discarded object underneath other garbage, especially when the sight of said object could cause problems.
1. If you don't want your roommate to know you're throwing out their awful CD collection, you'd better be good at garbouflage.
2. Turns out my mom garbouflaged most of my childhood drawings and threw them out.
by Ceylon November 12, 2010

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