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1. A hard, crunchy substance fed to dogs and small children. Usually in a bag with a dog on the front. Which in some cultures can be considered false advertising.
2. A wet substance in cans with a foul odor. Fed to dogs for a treat. Or eaten by the elderly.
"Dude.. this dog food isn't made out of dog"
"Wtf, false advertising."

Grandma is costing us an arm and a leg. Let's just feed her dog food. She'll never know the diffrence.
by Cem September 26, 2004
A magic wielding pimp who uses pimpedelic powers to pimpnotize women.
"Dude, where's your girlfriend?"
"That pimpician pimpnotized her and took her to the pimp station for further pimping."
by Cem November 08, 2004
A mole oddly located on one's foot.

"Dude, what's that on your foot?"
"It's my foot mole, ass."
by Cem November 08, 2004
A crazy Asian. Typically found around wooded areas or with cats.
Enjoys eating dogs, slutting around, and hiding his womanfriends in his afro.
"What happened to your cat, man?" "She just hasn't been the same since Daois came to town"
by Cem September 26, 2004
Unconventional ogre face. Typically used online.
Wtf yo' get all out from under my bridge. B:
by Cem September 13, 2004
Also known as Lu. A ditzy, gullible, vegetarian with large eyes. She enjoys doing dumb stuff and saying dumb things.
See retard
"WOw look.. That retard has huge eyes!"
"No, that's just Lu."
by Cem November 08, 2004
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