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Orignally high school was ment to be a place for kids to start getting high. However, drug criminalization and political correctness stopped this institution from keeping it's true goal. So now, high schools are ran by people who claim that high school is a place of learning. However, this is a false statement. I don't think anyone actually believes that.
I hate high school. Junior high was less intense. (JK of course.)
by Celestasia May 08, 2005
The correctly spelled contraction for what's up.
Hmm...I don't know what to say 'sup yo!
by Celestasia May 09, 2005
Someone who with holds the internet from people. This is mainly adults who only let their kids on the internet for 15 minuets at a time.
The internet Nazi strikes again!
by Celestasia May 09, 2005
being in a daze as a result of alcohol, drugs, or sex
Man he's so messed up.
by Celestasia May 10, 2005
A slang term for the internet.
Hey, I'm surfing in cyberspace.
by Celestasia May 08, 2005
A snow baby is a child born to a mother/father who was abusing either heroin or cocain/crack/freebase at the time of it's development in the womb/birth.
Snow babies are often deformed.
by Celestasia May 09, 2005
1. A temperature that feels ths opposite of hot.
2. Symbolic for death (mainly in music)
3. Mean, cruel, uncaring, unempathetic
4. Numb
5. Sociopathic
"Everyday we all get colder"- Lostprophets
by Celestasia May 09, 2005

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