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1. A person who is a buzzkill.
2. One who harshes another's mellow.
Gary always causes drama when I'm trying to relax. He's a total harshmellow!
by CeeFour August 06, 2007
noun--Purposely insisting to someone that something is true when you know it isn't. i.e. lies.
"The musings of a radical outcast are victims of assurance fraud--Time and Again insist, and The Words truly believe, that they fall not on deaf ears."--C. Stern, 1991
by ceefour September 25, 2007
adj. meaning serious, major, big. often used to make the noun it modifies sound less wussy, or to save embarassment by actually making it sound cool.
"I have a hyper-macho crush on you!!"
by ceefour September 25, 2007

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