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1) A rare sexy name for males.
2) Word meaning Desirable
Hot blond:Wow he sure is hot, whats his name?
Sexy Brunette: His name is Hyatt, every woman's dream.
by Cavedog86 August 20, 2007
1)Counter-pop culture teenagers that seem depressed. They reject the mainstream pop culture in order to resist conformity, but instead become conformists of the Emo Culture in the end. They listen to depressing music with sometimes good lyrics, but that are often performed by people that have no talent in singing and playing instruments. The only way to be truly free of conformity is to live in a cave and reject anything from society. Not many are willing.

2)The Typical Emo Kid is extremely skinny lacking in muscle tone of any kind. They are very pale and often look really unhealthy, because they haven't eaten or seen the sun in a long time. They reject caring about health and focus on depressing music. Emo kids come complete with black medium long hair and women's jeans(Especially Guys). They usually style their hair by parting there too long bangs over half their face. Emo Kids often shop at thrift shops and sometimes Hot Topic. Chattanooga, TN is the Emo Capital of the World.

Emo is also considered by some as Goth's retarded gay niece.
Cheer up Emo Kid

Goth:Conformist bitch
Emo Kid: No you're a conformist bitch

Emo Quotes: My heart bleeds from the razor blade you sliced me with when you dumped my lazy ass. / Stab my eyes out with the bullets for my valentine. AHH Life is so dark
by Cavedog86 August 20, 2007
1) Country north of the USA.
2) Country with a weaker economy and less cultural influence than the USA.
3)A nation that has nothing special to offer the world.
4)America Jr. or Mini-America.
5)Colonists that were to much of pussies to fight the British during the American Revolution.
6)Looks like America, but just isn't the same.
7) Country Americans tell jealous foreigners they are from when not in the US, so that they won't be killed.
8)The World's D student.
Wow Canada sure does suck, I wish I was back in the states.

Canada? Oh we just call it American Jr. here.

France:I hate those arrogant American pigs
American tourist: Don't look at me, I'm from Canada, eh.
by Cavedog86 August 20, 2007

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