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When a heteroseuxal guy does something romantic for another hetrosexual guy. Its a bromantic thing to do. Caution bromance is not to be confused with a gay relationship.
Andrew: 'Steve did we just call each other at the same time'
Steve: 'Yeah we did haha'
Andrew: 'Omg that's so Bromantic'
by CautionSteve December 14, 2012
An alternate self created by a pot head who has gotten to high and decided to make himself a new personality. This person may try and ruin your life just for 'the lols'
'Guess who just sent nudes to my dad for the lols'
'No, Investigator Andrew'
by CautionSteve November 15, 2012
Pulling an Andrew is when someone does one of those liquid farts which stain your underwear and make it a necessity to change boxers. Pulling Andrews can leave serious stains and even burn through your underwear.
Ahh Steve I am just pulling an Andrew and my boxers are stained brown.
by CautionSteve December 24, 2012
When someone pulls 'a Lexi' they will begin a chat with you and then just disappear seconds later for hours at a time. The person will then return having no recollection of where they have been.
Lexi: 'Hey Steve'
Steve: 'Hey Lexi'
24 hours later
Lexi: 'Hey Steve, sorry i was just pulling a Lexi'
by CautionSteve November 14, 2012
Infamous Truck Flipper. Fizzyshizzy's go by names such as Andrea and Emily. They can be drawn out of hiding by playing Rizzlekicks music and are known for being massic truck flipping sloots.
Emily is a fizzyshizzy because she goes around flipping trucks
by CautionSteve December 24, 2012
When someone is successfully 'Being an Iris' they have some how managed to become the most beautiful perfect being in the world. This is called Being an Iris because Iris is the most perf person in the world and only she can be an Iris.
Iris is being an iris because she's the most beautiful and perfect person you will ever meet
by CautionSteve December 23, 2012
Caution is the best group on palringo its full of activity and is a place where everyone wants to be. If you have palringo you should definitely join it!
Hey I just joined Caution pal, its great you should join it too
by CautionSteve December 24, 2012

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