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term used for such words as cool, wack,dope....ususal bling bling language
*flick wrist* 'shabbah'
by catherine June 12, 2004
1. the bitch of your bitch
2. being the bitch of someone else's bitch
3. being a "grand parent" of sorts to your bitch's bitch

can be used in forms such as: bitch-in-law, great-bitch, great grand-bitch, step bitch, etc.
1. "I'm your grand-bitch."
2. "You're the bitch of my bitch, you're my grand-bitch."
3. "You're my grand-bitch."
4. "She's his great grand-bitch."
by Catherine May 14, 2004
When you attend a funeral of a family member or an aquaitance, you did not know well or attending a funeral and you have no reason to be there accept on behalf of a friend or your going as support.
I have a funeral but it's for my friends mom, I did not know her. However it's a grieve and leave. I will be back by noon for the game.
by Catherine March 03, 2005
Female genitalia.Comes from the latin 'Schmazmatazium'
I like assballs in my schmaz
by Catherine March 11, 2005
A dance where you but your hands on your knees and move your back in and out to make your ass move up and down
um...well i cant exactly show you now can i? go ask someone....
by Catherine July 09, 2004
means fucking around while being silly. I made it up when something... was happening <3
" I fuckled John last night"
by Catherine March 21, 2005
A saddle for the twat.Can be anything that may be ridden by the twat, especially nobbly sweetcorn.
Can also be used as a name for someone you don't like
Hey Twatsaddle, suck my Jagon
by Catherine March 11, 2005

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