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lovely, desirable, super
retro term - ganking
We're having such a spiffing time
He's a spiffing bloke
by Catherine September 30, 2003
Half cast is term used majorly in the U.K. Half cast is to be mixed race mainly meaning half black/white people. This term (shoot me if i'm wrong) orginates from a poem written about a mixed race child whom was not quite an outcast from soiciety but was half cast. intresting stuff.
"my mums white and my dad's black, i'm mixed raced dont call me half casted bitch"
by Catherine September 27, 2004
chad urmston, guitarist, percussionist and vocalist for dipsatch
chetro shaved his dreds.
by catherine March 22, 2005
a band from ireland.
they have written gems like "revelate" "the stars are underground" and "what happens when the heart just stops"
My simple slant
My broken chant
My human fate
My revelate
Are you so far from me this day
That you can't say my revelate

My open arms
My lucky charm
Number eight my revelate
I fucked it up
I rest my case
It all to grey
My revelate

Sometimes I need a revelation
Cause sometimes it's all too hard to take
Sometimes I need a revelation
This time I'm making my own now
Does this mean we're though
Does this mean it's gone
Spent a day just to ponder the words
That I would write to you this day
But it's too great, my revelate

Sometimes I need a revelation
Sometimes its all too much to take
Sometimes I need a revelation
This time it's up in arms
This time I need you revelation

Cause sometimes it's all too much to take
This time I need you revelation
Cause sometimes it's easy just to hate you
Sometimes I need a revelation

Redeem yourself
Redeem yourself
Redeem yourself
by catherine April 11, 2005
i hate hilary duff. she thinks that she is so kool just Bkuz shes with joel madden(sooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) she is so wierd and dorky and has absolutley no talent wat so ever. if u look under fake or poser or teeny bopper or perky snob, she will probably be there.i dont get why anyone is her fan. and whats with her thinking she is the girl of "ROCK"? sure she is, sure she is. she is nothing but a joel stealer that gets money just Bkuz of her family who are all just like her.
i hate her. go 2 hell hilary!!!!!!!!!
by catherine February 28, 2005
1. a day wasted smoking pot. john kiffeysomething, the old drummer from the band green day came up with it and also wrote a song about it. comes from sesame street. the guys were fucked up, eating cereal and watching sesame street, big bird said green day, they thought it was funny.
2. a song by al sobrante (aka john kiffeysomething) appears on 1039/smoothed out slappy hours.
3. a band
dude, every day this week was a green day. thats like 20 days man!
"Pictures sounds
Of moving insects so surreal"
i saw green day play yesterday.
by catherine March 04, 2005
A womens vaginia better known as a pussy
Bob got some bomb ass pootnanny lastnight from Mary
by Catherine September 05, 2002

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