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Resembling or signifing a penis/cock.
Marty: Dude that carrot is so cockish.
Joe: Dude so it that dude, dude.
Marty: yeah dude.
Joe: So is my cock.
Marty: mines not
Joe: Yes.
by Catherby September 03, 2006
To hit someone with a seamen filled condom across the cheek.
Joe: dude, me and my girlfriendhad sex lastnight.
Marty: Awesome! wut was it like
Joe: i rubberwhacked her cuz sheswas being a bitch
Marty: why,wut'd she do?
Joe: she had her period, and made fun of my huge cock because it was so huge and cockish
Marty: Yes. Yes. Y-E-S.
by Catherby September 03, 2006
A phrase used when excessevly dry humping someone in a non-seuxal way, expecially when beating them at something competative. i.e. sports, poker, video games
Joe:Dude I owned Bob at basketball and I yelled "go to church" right in his face to rub it in.
by Catherby September 03, 2006
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