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A term used, mostly among individuals of Latino decent, that is used to get out of doing something. I.E. the word dictates "not me" when a group of bros need to get something done. Using this system takes away the privileges of seniority, or related classifications.
Hey we need more brew (among a group of 4 friends). Jesse: "safo." Hector: "safo." Nick: "safo." Eric: "Damn I am last...I'll get some."
by Cate1925 April 03, 2011
A girl who is Down to (give) a Blow Job. Acronym can also be used as a cut down a bro.
1) Brochacho, that girl is vibing on me. She is totally DTBJ.
2) Bro, Julian is always DTBJ.
by cate1925 June 14, 2011

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