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The funniest guy on the internet today. writer, director, and producer of the internet show Cute With Chris, which has won numerous awards by popular vote. If you are that interested, WATCH THE SHOW DAMN LAZY!
Chris Leavins rocks.
by Cat Anne June 11, 2008
A very popular and hilarious internet show written, directed and performed by Chris Leavins, occasionally with lines by his co-host (title under revision) Colty the Plastic Horse. New shows are posted weekly and include dissing, PWNing, and polls on who is the cutest. Cute With Chris has the power to change lives and kill dreams.
Popular phrases include "all your dreams are dead" and "suck it, Tonya." For many fans, words cannot describe. For an accurate portrayal, WATCH THE FREAKIN' SHOW YOU LAZY.
"Jake, did you watch the new cute with chris yet?"
"Yeah, he put my dog in the CWC cutedown!"
by Cat Anne June 11, 2008
one of the people in a youtube video that gets mad view counts. although youtube star status can be acheived through any type of video, people who are youtube stars are usually considered to be the type of people who have no lives and think their videos make them awesome beyond comparison.
Gary Brolsmein dancing "Numa Numa" caused him to be one of the youtube stars.
by Cat Anne June 11, 2008
1.Former member of the Moldovan pop-band, O-Zone. Now has a solo career under the artist name "RadU". Known for his hits Whap-pa and Doi Straini.
2.Extremely sexy man who is unfortunatly married. Many women wish it was otherwise.
3.An uncommonly talented composer and singer.
Individual 1: OMG I'm mad because you called me in the middle of listening to Radu Sîrbu! You made me pause it!
Individual 2: Are you gonna make me pay you again?
by Cat Anne July 06, 2008
a person who has no buisness being in a conversation, and inserts inappropriate comments that make others want to abandon the conversation.
Person 1: What was up with that kid's shoes? They looked like he got them out of a dumpster!
Lorfist: haha! they were atheists!
Person 1: ......
Lorfist: Get it? they have no soles!!
by Cat Anne June 11, 2008
1. One who routinely inserts themself into conversations where they are not welcome. One who is lexish will make comments that have little or no connection with what was actually being said, but will pick up on one or two words (which may or may not have been directly used in the sentence) and make a lame joke, then laugh histerically at it.
2. A comment that could have easily been made by someone who fits the above description.

derived from a band of three individuals in remote circles of north carolina who exibitited this behavior, all with the syllable lex, lecks, or lekz in one of their names. used widely in these circles.
Person 1: Why weren't you at my party last night?
Person 2: I don't know. I was pretty sure there would be drugs. You know I'm a Christian; it's a conscience thing.
Lexish Individual: If you're not conscious you're unconscious. You need doctors for that kind of thing.
by Cat Anne June 11, 2008

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