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Mainly girls. They wear:
-tight pants
-bright colored band shirts (who they may or may not listen to)
-large sunglasses
-vans/converse a MUST
-skirts/dresses(paired with skinny jeans)
-LOTS of plastic jewelry
-hellokitty/gloomy bear

Basically like a scene kid, but girlier. They are more concerned about the fashion than music. Often have poofy, dyed hair with bangs. They wear kandi and other accesories and constantly have loud colored hand bags. Always do the liquid eyeliner on top and peachy cheeks.
Omg! Did you see Becky in her black polka dot dress with skinny jeans underneath, and vans? She looks all fashionXcore now.
by Cassssssssssy March 31, 2007

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