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- noun.
Your Personal Jesus. Cleverly defines what a great friend will do to save one from the creepy, overly religious black man in a tutoring center.
I'm totally your YPJ now!

Just call me if you need a YPJ haha.
#church #evangelist #jesus #savior #best friend
by Cassette de Prudy October 06, 2008
Acronym that stands for "verbally bitch slapped". When people in higher authority send you messages via email that put you in your place. Typically something negative and downgrading, must be conveyed via email. VBS scored highly when CC-ed to deans, presidents, etc.
Todd totally just VBS-ed me about doing his job wrong.

Dude, I just got VBS-ed, again!
#scolded #verbally reprimanded #epicfail #email #work
by Cassette de Prudy January 20, 2009
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