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Ant-Management occurs when a company actually runs well, and all the employees are doing what they are supposed to do - so the management feels redundant, and thus fear layoffs.

Therefore they start "re-organizing", which (on a well running company) has the same effect as shaking an ant-farm: All the workers stop doing what they were supposed to do, and starts running around like crazy because nobody knows what is going on and everyone's in a state of alert.

Management thinks they did really good, because all the workers are really busy, and you can see them running all over the place. Productivity however drops to a fraction above zero.
- I havn't had any real work done for weeks, 'cause we're under ant-management again!

- Again? didn't you reorganize last year??

- Yep... doing it again....
by CasperA June 09, 2009

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