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Really, really, really hot. So hot that even a goat wouldn't be able to stand it. Typically occurs during really humid weather, especially while working outdoors doing manual labor.
We'd been working in the sun all morning and I was goat hot.
by Casey Mayfield March 02, 2007
A woman with an extremely large ass.
Whoa, did you see the truck butt on that gal? Honk, honk (semi truck horns)
by Casey Mayfield March 02, 2007
Broad term used to describe something that is undersized for it's needed use. Usually used to describe another object...drunken midget bathtub, drunken midget shower stall, drunken midget closet.
I tried to take a shower at their house, but their shower was designed for a drunken midget.
by Casey Mayfield March 02, 2007
People who show up extra early to garage sales or auctions to try and see the merchandise before anyone else.
Ah shit, we've got badgers in the driveway...tell them the garage sale doesn't start till 7!!
by Casey Mayfield March 02, 2007
A small wooden deck, typically built of pallets or other cheapy obtained wood, frequently used outside of pole barns, detached garages, or other out-buildings. A great place to drink beer (or moonshine) and admire your dogs (or chickens).
We drank beer on the hillbilly porch waiting for the NASCAR race to start.
by Casey Mayfield March 02, 2007
Butt gravy is what results when you've had the raging shits for several hours and you powder your asshole with corn starch to make it feel better.
Roy's got the shits and and now he's got the corn starch out for his butt hole. Man, he's gotta be brewin' some butt gravy in those shorts.
by Casey Mayfield April 10, 2007
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