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Being batman, having a bat lair, than deciding you no longer want to be batman, only to figure out that you have no choice but to be batman. This results in loving and hating your bat lair causing a bat-lairadox.
"I am a bat, man. I live in a space age under ground lair that leaks water from the ceiling(dont know why i havnt fixed that yet..my car drives itself though) and i love it. but i dont want to be bat man and i hate this lair because i am bat man. i have found myself in a bit of a bat lairadox.
by Cartmn0003 March 31, 2011
HAving natural brown hair, deciding its an awesome idea to dye it another color, than once died deciding how much more awesome of an idea it would be to dye your hair brown.
That crazy female keeps dying her hair from brown to blonde, than back to brown again.....interesting...how brown hairadoxical.
by Cartmn0003 March 31, 2011
The sober thought of how awesome it is when you are high, than when you get high the act of forgetting why its so awesome in the first place....causing a never ending cycle

(specific to marijuana)

See also: Marijuanadox
Shit man now that im all stoney i cant even remember why i thought being all stoney was so great in the first place. MARIJUANADOX.

by Cartmn0003 March 31, 2011

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