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The Pedophile Man who at the club just stands there on the wall and watches people dance. Also known as the Men who don't get dates.
Sabrina- Did you see those Wall Balls last night

Ange- Ya there never gonna get a date
by Carnaviabitchslappedyou February 14, 2012
Having a relationship with many girls from many Races or Cultures.
Steve - Hey dude did you see mike with that Asian last night?

Bob - Ya he was getting some Rainbow Sugar

Mike -Hey Guys

Bob and Steve - :3
by Carnaviabitchslappedyou January 16, 2012
The young 10 year old girls who support Justin Bieber.
Hannah- I HATE Beliebers Justin Beaver is so annoying.

10 year old girls- OMG Justin Marry me!
by Carnaviabitchslappedyou March 05, 2012

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