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24 definitions by Carmen

to use with the purpose of breeding; to have sex with
Dude, she's hot. I'd totally stud her.
by Carmen August 21, 2003
1. The whiny, fat kid from Bug Juice 3: Brush Ranch, on the Disney Channel.
2. To act like a whiny, fat kid.
1. Kerry: Did you see Bug Juice last night?
Devon: Yeah, that Asa kid needs to get punched in the face.

2. Devon: But I want to play Battleship too, guys!
Brock: Fuck you, Devon. Stop being such an Asa.
by Carmen June 14, 2006
longer than normal erection and climax time due to alcohol in a man's system.
I was trying to cum and get this overwith, but I had whisky dick.
by carmen February 10, 2005