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huh? what? hey?
most often used with a question mark attached
so earwigs are actually the 19th wonder of the world, if you count unbreakable plastic

by carly October 16, 2003
Similar to sex kitten just the male version. Can be used to discribe anyone who is hot.
Damn, that guy is a secks dawg, negro.
by carly March 25, 2005
A friendly greeting... how are things going with you?
Yo, Kevin, what's really good in the hood?
by Carly November 04, 2003
goonish, being silly
omg i feel so plebish
by carly November 30, 2003
someone who is sexi such as my boyfriend!!!
austin is so sexiful
by carly April 09, 2005
1)the act of doing something profound to someone

2)similar to cool

3)similiar to not so cool

4) a term made up by some looser in saskatoon, saskatchewan

2) that was shwank

3)that was shwank

4) that was shwank
by carly February 11, 2004
The chillest kid around...a.k.a. Carly Berg....
cberg 4 lifee
by Carly February 04, 2004

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