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7 definitions by Carlow Motowski

A word that is an exuberance of emotion as a result of boredom.
The first guy: HEY BUDDY! What's up? Other guy: Blarb.
by Carlow Motowski December 25, 2004
63 20
Invented by MADebito of IRC, the Double shocker is the regular shocker. Pink in anus, 2 fingers in the vagina...but...The use of the Thumb to massage the clitoris is applied.
Oh my god! I just had to mother fucking orgasms! Thanks alot double shocker!

Osama bin Laden!
by Carlow Motowski February 28, 2005
16 10
Term to describe fecal matter that is both green and brown colored.
"Good god man...Looks like there's an army pile in that toilet...Oh man...Vegetasan!!! get that Meekrob outta here!"
by Carlow Motowski October 14, 2004
7 2
A sexual term that will probably never be used to describe recieving oral sex from a woman while shoving a dildo into her vagina.
Honey!!! Time to crickledop, I'll get the dildo...You bring your soft succulent mouth...OOHhH...My penis could get lost in it forever...ooh...ooooho ohhhhH!!! *Ejaculates*
by Carlow Motowski October 20, 2004
4 1
When you realize after a poop you haven't wiped enough and you go back to finish wiping.
AWW CRAP! MY NEW UNDERWEAR! I gotta go write a check, brb.
by Carlow Motowski July 07, 2005
3 2
1)A person with little understanding of the real world.

2)Common Annoyance.

3)Anally insertable device.

4)See also Meekrob.
That asshole shit on my lawn! What a Vegetasan!
by Carlow Motowski May 21, 2004
10 10
A word that describes exuberance of extreme boredom. Often follows Blarb.
by Carlow Motowski December 25, 2004
2 8