82 definitions by Carl

1. One who wanks fish.

2. A stupid or foolish person.

Usually associated with blond hair and short, straight bangs.
That Adam kid is such a fish wanker!

Nice bangs, fish wanker!
by Carl April 08, 2005
when , while playing hackey sack... someone hogs the sack just to show off like a prick....
john was being a dick bo-jangle'n so much...
by Carl February 08, 2005
A group of lesbians that move together.
The bar was fun until an etheridge of loud lesbians harshed our mellow.
by carl October 10, 2003
n. carl's hot ass girlfriend; future wife of carl; richest woman in the world in 20 years;
Carl is the only boy who gets Kinndy. Kinndy is exclusively Carl's.
by Carl January 20, 2004
The best player in the world at the video game "StarCraft: Brood War", published by Blizzard North in 1998.
Giggles The Cat am THX.
by Carl October 20, 2003
what black people call pussy
yo u see shamikas coochy it was huge
by carl March 30, 2004
Fam is short for family..

its like how people say "sup bro?"
-bro being short for brother
-brother meaning family
= Fam
"sup fam?"

"nuttin much holmes.."
by Carl November 22, 2004
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