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Okay here,
Scene is WAY different from emo.
EMO: Black hair, quiet, cutting, sad poems, dark colores
SCENE KIDS are VERY different,
Bright colors, lively, happpy, go to concerts, choppy hair, colorful extensions, myspaces, super rad words, hott boyfriends.
Most have white-ish blonde hair, or black hair
with colored streaks in them ex: Bleach blonde with black streaks, black with blonde streaks, or rainbow colors
Loud music, rock, grindcore, hardcore, some screamo.
Hate posers, fakes, wanna-bes.
Super cayoottee flats for girls
Vans slip-ons
Ballerina Skirts and leggings. girls
band t-shirts.
Face piercing
Japanese characters
checkered things
black nails.

rad eh?

I personally hate being called emo,
dont do it
That was a good enough example >.<
Sceneee bby<3
the way to be?
Scene kid ?

by Carianne<3 May 12, 2007
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