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Awesome character in the Harry Potter series. She's a metamorphagus (she can change her appearance at will), which is left out in the fifth movie. A LOT of things about her are left out in the movie... grr...
Anyways, in the 7th book she married Remus Lupin. She gets pregnant, but Lupin freaks out and leaves, because he's worried about him passing on some weird werewolf gene or smoething... then he comes back (yay him!) and they have the baby (Teddy!). Then a couple months later they both get KILLED. Dammit...
Tonks's hair is sooo awesome...
by CaramelCremeLovaa August 04, 2007
That movie SUCKED.
They left out SOO much and what the hell- dementors fly now?
And they never mention anything about the marauder's map history!
And Sirius is supposed to look different. They could have dyed his hair dark brown or something...
But one huge thing: Lupin as a werewolf. DUDE. That is soo not a werewolf, it looked pathetic... it had like, no hair and just UGH.

So basically it was an atrocity to the book. The book wsa sooooo much better, don't EVER base the harry potter series on the movies...
Girl one: Hey wanna watch the harry potter 3 movie?
Girl two: Sure, I could use a good laugh that movie is dumb
by CaramelCremeLovaa August 04, 2007

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