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32 definitions by Cara

Pash,the above mentioned definition for a passionate kiss, a snog or a french kiss. Coupled with dash, (as in the word run) it is a term used for a moment where one left the scene soon after the pash and did not take things further 'in a physical sense' beyond the pash. A highly useful term to define an evening 'on the pull' in two words.
K: Did you pull last night?
C: Yeah, just a pash and dash.
K: Cool
by Cara April 05, 2005
45 7
its from forest gump:
you say to people when they run, and your bored. and you want to lauh and your own joke.

(no accent needed)
'look at him'
*man running
by cara October 19, 2004
62 24
Scottish, the sarcastic response to someone who you suspect is fibbing.
He said that? Aye, right.
by Cara October 17, 2004
33 7
Being awesome and lovable. Everyone strives to be a Pell. Other forms: Pellin, Pellish, Pellicious, Pelly, etc...
Last night I was so Pellicious!
by Cara June 21, 2004
42 22
of great butt
oh, dang she fine!! SHE BOOTYLICIOUS!!
by Cara October 22, 2003
63 43
Hano is the acronym for "Help A Nigga Out".
"Shit I'm broke, HANO!"
by Cara January 13, 2005
16 5
to have a piss
im just going for a gypsy's kiss
by Cara May 19, 2003
34 23