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Used at my school to talk about sex and not have anybody know about it. Invented by some hot girls.
have/eat a muffin= sex
Blueberries= guy
Raspberries= girl
Peach= public hair
Banana= penis
plastic wrap= condom
You can add whatever fruit and/or eating utensil you want. With the miracle of the muffin code...understanding is absolute!
Girl 1: "You have a muffin last night?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, Raspberry on top mostly.
ate for a whole hour"
Girl 1: "taste good?"
Girl 2: "Hell ya! Eating raspberries and blueberries at the same time...mmmmm"
by Captain_Crunch February 03, 2005
A weak ass excuse by microsoft as why you shouldn't covert to Linux. Basicly they say if you go microsoft you can't get sued by whining program nazis that are becoming worse than the music ones.
I don't feel like repeating any microsoft PR crap. Indemnification? Ick.
by Captain_Crunch February 20, 2005

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