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A spry and vivacious milf with a youthfulness belying her years. She who possesses the milfy fluff, from which milfy cream may be churned. A jaded girl, yearning for companionship, hiding behind thick-rimmed glasses and a coy--albeit sexy--smile.
Show feet bb! No armpit, 1000 tokens! Cat on head bb!
Thus spake Hot_Milfy_Mom
by CaptainStupendous November 26, 2011
The most divine material in existence. Substantial quantities have not yet been obtained to analyze its chemical composition, and it can therefore not be replicated. It is a universal lubricant and has been proven to heal blindness, prevent sexually transmitted diseases, and even cure cancer. It is also effective as an acne treatment and a solvent for removing stains from clothing and upholstery. It originates deep within the milfy fluff and production is stimulated by the sighting of a Horny Hottie or at the will of Hot_Milfy_Mom. A common side effect of a Milfy Crush.
What is that coming down from the sky? Mana from heaven? Angel's tears? Unicorn blood?

No, it's Milfy Cream. Let us give thanks.
by CaptainStupendous December 28, 2011
The situation that develops when Hot_Milfy_Mom a encounters a dominating and irresistably handsome male who she calls a Horny Hottie (hereafter referred to as HH), creating an overwhelming desire for him; a common side effect is an uncontrollable flow of Milfy Cream. Often causes Hot_Milfy_Mom to troll HH's chatroom or facebook page.
"Hot_Milfy_Mom keeps showing up in my room asking me to 'show armpit hh.' Last night she was there for over an hour."

"Dude, she totally has a Milfy Crush on you."
by CaptainStupendous November 29, 2011
A Horny Hottie (or HH for short) is a dominating and irresistably handsome male, often the subject of pursuit by an attracted Hot_Milfy_Mom, amongst many others. Repeated encounters with Hot_Milfy_Mom will invariably lead to the formation of a Milfy Crush. Holds the power of the Milfy Cream within his grasp.
"Look at that Horny Hottie...I'd tap that!"
by CaptainStupendous November 29, 2011

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