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When a Female ejaculates

Bean, being reference to the clitoris
Sneeze, being reference to the quivering, wet aftermath.

Do the math...
"How did it go with Stacey last night??"

"Not bad, i gave her head and she did a Bean Sneeze all over my face"
by CaptainStripe December 01, 2010
The see-through model of an ESP tele Guitar. The transparent body can hold any form of liquid, which gives a wave effect, hence the name "Wavecaster".
Kirk Hammett, Metallica's lead guitar player, introduced this to audiences back in the Mid 90's and can be seen in the encore set of the Cunning Stunts DVD.
1. "Dude, i can see water inside your telecaster, it almost looks like waves."

"Dude, its a wavecaster"


2. I was going to fill it with my own urine but i thought it might go stale and smell...
by CaptainStripe July 06, 2008
Grievous Bodily Odour - Much like B.O, just more potent
Shit man, we should press charges against James on grounds of GBO. He smells like ass...
by CaptainStripe February 16, 2010

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