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1. A word that describes any action you do toward another person(s).

2. To metaphorically defecate upon an enemy or foe.

3. To utterly destroy a person(s) with no remorse.
Josh: "Dude, this guy came at me with a knife. So, I grabbed a bat and-"


Josh: "That's right! Kuhbreeguh right in the face. Left him bleeding and crying."
by CaptainSteevX January 23, 2012
The remains of a living thing after being hit by a train. The meat remains left behind by a train can resemble ground sausage: therefore, it is called train sausage.
When traversing a zombie-filled subway, stay off the tracks to avoid being train sausage'd.

While travelling the Tundra Express, always mind your surroundings. Trains love to sneak up on you and turn you into train sausage.
by CaptainSteevX November 16, 2012
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