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The unexpected feeling of intense pleasure gained by inadvertantly hearing a song that you heard when you were on MDMA; a state that reminds you why you do drugs; yet more evidence of the positive long-term effects of psychoactives.
"Fuck me, what's this song?"

"Skream's remix of In For The Kill by La Roux, why?"

"I feel so pleasant right now...it's totally giving me a de ja high...

...Play it again."
by CaptainHaddock July 25, 2009
To lose most of the words in one's vocabulary and / or the ability to form real sentences for a few days following an MDMA binge; the mental equivalent of the physical damage caused by hangovers; the results of a brilliant night out.
"How was Hype last night?"

"Good, man, he was erm, I did the thing.."

"There's no point asking Tom, he's got a serious case of the vocabubads."
by CaptainHaddock July 25, 2009
The overwhelming need to dance brought on by hearing the 'whoomp whoomp' sound in a drum n' bass song that you previously heard when you were on MDMA.

Similar to a de ja high, but more of a bodyfuck than a headfuck.
*Dancing around a living room alone to Sub Focus*

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"Oh dude I just heard Special Place and it gave me such a de ja whoomp."
by CaptainHaddock July 25, 2009
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