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when a male of the human race and his erect penis makes the sheets look rather like a tent
it totally sucks when you pitch a tent while being in bed with other men
by Captain Mutorcs March 29, 2005
An overwieght facist with a mustache and a firebush. Who likes to put his penis in little boys. This is one unpleasant activity among others that he does due to his being picked on when he was a young boy.
Mrs. Big Chief totally got a mustache ride last night. uuggghh
by Captain Mutorcs March 29, 2005
A well known, normally reliable drug dealer, but lately not so much so.

Also the area in between the scrotum and the anal cavity entrance.
The area also known as grundle.
Mr. Bungus, is there fungus amongus?
by Captain Mutorcs March 29, 2005

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