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An acronym for Hand, Ass, Slap. Its use is similar to the more traditional ASS stamp. It contains the equally as popular "hand" and "slap". One must really screw up to get the H.A.S. This is a demoralizing and embarassing thing for any person to receive.
B-Rad: I just got elected to that National Youth Leadership Conference...no big deal.

Pope: H.A.S.!
by Captain Fox April 23, 2010
A large red stamp with the word "ASS" on it. The ass stamp can be given to anyone who is being an ass.
Drew: Get off the games Gregory
Gregory: I'm not on games
(Gregory was on games)
Dave: Wasn't Greg playing games?
Drew: Yeah, he gets the ASS Stamp on that one...
by Captain Fox November 01, 2009
Slang term for going to a freind's house to get blazed on hippie lettuce. This friend may or may not exist.
Travis: Hey guys I gotta go

Jake: Where ya going Travis

Travis: I'm going to Daves to hang out for a while
by Captain Fox October 27, 2009
n.) the male sex organ v.) to have sex with
Sister: Hey Brad, I want you to meet my new friend Ashley

Brad: Sounds good. I'd love to meat her
by Captain Fox January 18, 2012
Half of a mustache. Some may consider this bad hygiene while other consider it fashionable. Probably started by a young man who had an accident while shaving for the first time. Some consider the burlstache a myth.
Jim: Hey Dan I think you missed a spot

Dan: Nah man I'm just rockin the burlstache
by Captain Fox August 03, 2010
to smoke marijuana then proceed to have sex
Johnny: I'm gonna be up all night. How much more studying do you have to do Gary?

Gary: I'm done. I think I'm gonna head back to the apartment, hit the pipe then lay it.
by Captain Fox October 07, 2011
a verbal dispute between two chodes that has the potential to turn physical under the right circumstances
Brad: You stole my girl and fucked my wife! If I had to fight someone it would be you.


Nicholas: Brad and Trenton really need to calm down.

Chaz: For dur. If they go at it for much longer we may get to witness a little chode chowdown
by Captain Fox October 10, 2011

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