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Smelly little chunks of syrupy turds clinging to legs, faces or whatever they can find. They can be a lot of fun.
I unplugged my finger from her ass and some yummy little diarrhea driblets splashed on my face.
by Captain Feceous May 26, 2003
Not to be confused with papsmear, a crapsmear is a smudge of turd left on the face of a shit eater. When executed properly, may result in a Dirty Sanchez.
Jenny exited the bedroom with crapsmears across her face.
by Captain Feceous May 26, 2003
Fecalphiliacs have an insatiable appetite for shit.
Cousin Craiggers is a fecalphiliac, he munches Fecal Flakes for breakfast every day!!
by Captain Feceous May 26, 2003
Moist anal breaths. They are very taxing physically, but create a truly marvelous aroma.
I had the sniffles so bad that grandma nearly passed out, ha ha!
by Captain Feceous July 20, 2003
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