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Constantly looking for a friend who is lagging behind. Derived from a Summer 2004 Eurotrip in which our group was always looking to see if our friend Evan had lagged behind.
Dudes, time for an Evan check.
by Captain Correcto June 10, 2004
To improve something. Directly derived from the Simpsons, when Lisa says "Can't a girl fabulize herself before the big dance?"
That webpage is boring. Fabulize it or something!
by Captain Correcto June 10, 2004
something that is false, or whose validity is called into question. Usage is usually to "call fause on something/someone"
Matt was giving me a line of bullshit, so I called fause on him.

Evan says that Avril Lavigne is good music... I totally call fause on that.
by Captain Correcto June 11, 2004
Taking a massive shit. Coined in Vienna, during Summer 2004.
I got dibs on the can. I gotta release the hounds.
by Captain Correcto June 11, 2004

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