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To be completely and utterly fucking crazy. It can be used to describe a noun. Mostly used to emphasize the emotional state of a person.
The teacher didn't completely erase the notes on the chalkboard, which caused obsessive-compulsive Isaac to go batshit loco and turn over his desk.

I don't know what the fuck happened, all of the sudden he went batshit loco and shit on the couch!
#crazy #insane #loco #batshit #rediculous #random #violence
by Capt. Win October 02, 2007
A comical way of saying "Problem" (pronounced poor-blum). Derived from the misspelling of the original word, "porblem" is usually used when the issue is blatantly obvious and/or vital to the action or operation.
Pvt. Guy beached the multi-billion dollar U.S Destroyer on a deserted island. This is a porblem.

Guy 1: Did you finish your paper?

Guy 2: Shit, we had a paper due today?

Guy 1: Yeah, and it is worth 55% of your entire grade

Guy 2: Damn, I appear to have a porblem!
#problem #issue #predicament #misspell #misspelling #typo
by Capt. Win October 04, 2007
Usually refers to executing dangerous and, most of the time, illegal actions in order to get an adrenaline high. The goal of raging it is usually to get the cops called on you and whoever you are raging it with.
Dude, it's midnight and I'm not sleeping. Lets go rage it.

When the police asked why the high schoolers were roof-jumping in the middle of town, they replied, "we were raging it!"

#rage #raging #dangerous #cops #illegal #idiocy #idiots
by Capt. Win October 02, 2007
An idiot's way of saying that something needs improving. Can also be used as simply "good", and can be used in conjunction with "learn" (definition: idiots' universal verb).
My car needs goodens, so I'm taking it into the shop tomorrow.

Hey, could you gooden my sandwich by adding some roast turkey?

This show needs some goodens!
#improve #good #idiot #learn #educate
by Capt. Win October 04, 2007
The universal verb for the idiot. Generally used in the presence of other idiots to avoid confusion with the more intelligent croud. Learn can be used in place of almost any verb.
Hey, learn me that last piece of pizza.

Could you take my keys and learn my car some on?

Let me learn my shoes away.
#verb #universal #idiot #use #all #dumbass.
by Capt. Win October 02, 2007
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