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Turning left in a Chevrolet for 4 hours.
Jim: What's on TV today?
Jim: Let's go to a movie.
by Capheine December 10, 2003
1. The reason baseball is no fun anymore.
2. The evil empire.
3. A team that posers pretend to have liked since the birth canal, when in fact they only started liking them after they won the Series a few years ago.
Bob: I like the Yankees.
Jim: I will give you ten seconds to get a running start, after which I will hunt you down and murder you.
by Capheine December 10, 2003
1. Something you say to someone after you beat their ass.
2. A phrase that occasionally appears in the Comedy Goldmine and Photoshop Phriday segments at Something Awful.

This phrase is usually typed in all capital letters.
warcraftMASTER: wtf how did u kill all my crypt fiends!?
l33td00d~187~: ROFL OWNED
by Capheine December 10, 2003
A member of the Carolina professional football team.
Joe Smith got drafted in the 3rd round and is now a Carolina Panther.
by Capheine December 10, 2003
The only good network television show outside of The Simpsons and Survivor.
I got the Season 2 DVD box set of 24 yeaterday.
by Capheine December 10, 2003
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