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To bump off. To kill. To exterminate.
We're going to off some finks on Friday night.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
A cash register. Specifically, a large, old-fashion bronze cash register that rings bells when you press the keys.

From the proverbial, stereotypical notion that the sound of money is music to a Jew's ears.
Schlomo played the Jewish Piano and congratulated his customer on his smart purchase.
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 03, 2005
A person who lives in a nice timber and stone house filled with wooden furniture, who advocates a total ban on cutting trees and mining. This person is inevitably a city-dweller, but acts as if he knows what is best for people in rural environments, especially those dependent on timber cutting or mining. This makes an environmentalist as popular as a turd in the punch bowl in rural places. An environmentalist uses liberal judges sitting in courts of law, rather than the legislative process, to shove his plans down everyone else's throat.

Recently, some environmentalists have recognized that they do not appeal to rank and file citizens of the USA. This is good news.

Compare an environmentalist with a conservationist, a person who wants to protect natural resources without trampling on everyone else's property rights. Typical conservationists are hunters, fishermen, campers, and hikers.
Environmentalists recommend turning grizzly bears loose in populated areas of Colorado. They do not advocate turning grizzly bears loose in populated areas of Massachusetts. "Not in MY back yard, they say."
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 06, 2005
My home town. Once, a beautiful city surrounding the jewel of Lake Merritt. It was the birthplace of Casper's Hot Dogs.

Now, it has been taken over by punks.

The birthplace of the Symbionese Liberation Army in 1973.

The birthplace of Ebonics. Sissified white liberals invented the term Ebonics to define and justify the ignorant mush-mouth jabbering of the Oakland black. The purpose, of course, was to keep Oakland blacks "in their place" by preventing them from getting higher education or a decent job. Blacks "in their place" vote for mush wimp liberals and entitlements.

The birthplace of the sideshow, in which thugs and punks take over one or more city blocks and show off their cars and kill any white paddies that wander into the area.

The city with the largest collection of Bull Dykes, Diesel Dykes, Butches, and Femmes per capita in the USA.

White Liberals love Oakland because it is the perfect example of what happens when dysfunctional Black Culture runs its course unimpeded. It has produced a desperately destructive environment. The heartbroken citizens there vote for white liberals so they can get entitlements. But White Liberals are too sissy to live in Oakland. Even Jerry Brown is leaving, along with the Oakland A's.
Ashurbanipal Jones went to Oakland to cut some honkies and see a sideshow. But on the way he got his sorry ass beat up by some Dykes on Bikes.
by Cap'n Bullmoose November 19, 2006
Delightful, awesome.

The term originated in the 1920s among early jazz musicians as their music was recorded in grooves on a record. It became most popular in the 1950s, and fell from favor by the mid 1960s.
Bird lay down some groovy riffs, man.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
What polite people of all races called an African American man from 1930-1965. This was never considered a racial slur until the National Association for the Advancment of COLORED people said it was racist.
Louie is one great colored guy.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 19, 2005
To save gas by putting your car into neutral (or depressing the clutch) and turning off the ignition.

CAUTION: When driving a carbureted car down a long hill in Jewish overdrive, do not let out the clutch with the car in gear, then later turn on the ignition. If you do this, the engine will backfire. The longer you go before turning on the ignition, the more violent the backfire. Unless you're running glasspack mufflers, you can blow off your exhaust system.

Compare to Okie overdrive.
Schlomo Bender tried to save two bucks worth of gas by putting his Jew Canoe into Jewish overdrive as he drove down Pikes Peak. But he burned out his brakes and drove over the cliff instead.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 21, 2005

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