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3 definitions by Canopy

The virginity that is associated with homosexuals.

Heeeeyy... Guess what girlfriend? I lost my faginity to a cute sailor last night!
by canopy November 13, 2007
1) An event when gas and/or fecal matter is starting to expose itself in such a way, you know you need to hit the restroom in a very short amount of time.

2) Burping caused by the digestion of Beer or Alcohol.
1) Get out of my way! I have some brewage coming on!!

2) Woah, that Bud Light has started to cause some brewage.
by Canopy October 23, 2007
Asking someone if they would like to take a survey, then kicking them in the nuts.
"Would you like to take a survey?"
(Kick in the nuts)
by canopy October 23, 2007